Did Colleen get my comment quoting Oswald Chambers on liberty? I haven't heard from her and I think I posted it wrong. I'm new at this site and I didn't see my comment under her response to my question. I commented in her "comment this answer" section. I don't know if it shows up on my side when I comment there. I hope to hear from Colleen.

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    No, I didn't get it and I don't think it ever showed.

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    What question was it in? I answer up to a couple hundred questions a day and in many of them I'm conversing or debating with someone. It's real hard for me to keep up with comments left to me and also to remember what I was discussing with someone. On top of answering so many questions, I'm also reading through other ones to make sure no one is breaking forum rules. You're going to have to refresh my memory on this discussion we were having. 

    Mimi of Triplets

    It is really late and the triplets are coming tomorrow. I'll repost Sunday if you did not get my response about my being so preachy. I typed it yesterday and it disappeared. I didn't know if you were just ignoring it or you never received it. If you are on line I'll stay up a few mins.

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