assuming the old testament is a book of jewish law, what is the purpose of the new testament

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    My personal thought is the main purpose of the New Testament is to record the life of Jesus Christ and the sacrifice He made for everyone, past, present, and future.  The continuation after Christ's resurrection is the effort to spread the concept of Christianity.  
    I have not read either in their entirety and anticipate doing so. I should be able to provide more intelligent answers following study and embracing God's word.  


    I want you to send you a book with the title:What does the Bible really learn .
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    If you have read the New Testament, the message that is reveal is astounthing if you understand it. that is why it call the good news, for Jesus took on Himself  for our iniguity, too save all of menkind, for it is by His Grace that we are save, To them that accept Him," Jesus " He does not force Himself on anyone, If you understand the old testament did fortell of His coming, To save humanity.


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    The Old Testament tells how sin came into the world and the New Testament tells how the sins of the finally adapted.
    The Old Testament is history, and its Worship is symbolic. When you read the New Testament you will notice that the New Testametti tells how the Old Testament is fulfilled in the New Testament period. For example, Hebrews is filled with References to the Old Testament. The Gospels tells how one of the Old Testament prophecy fulfilled in Jesus' life.
    Revelation of Moses, Solomon's Temple inn was the precursor, both of which illustrate the fit of sins and access to the kingdom of heaven.

    I put my writing to you above the address from where you can explore different languages ??Bible translations.

    I am sorry for translation errors in the text has been translated into Finnish language, English Google translation.

    I want to bless you in Jesus' name.
    Greetings Kiova Altti



    Kaylene Reece

    The Old is a great book of history, prophecy and old jewish law. When Jesus died he gave us a way out from under the law and a different way to live. The example of his life given in the new is the best guide to live by. As far as law if you notice Jesus only referred to 2 commandants of the original 10 and said they are the ones to keep. However if you read Daniel and Issah(and other prophecy in old) you will find prophecy of the revelation given by John in Revelations. In Psalms you will also find very detailed prophecy of Jesus' death. It is almost word for word.

    Jesus came to revise the teachings of the old testament. He said it's a new covenant.

    You may wish to visit this link:

    the old testament  was for the fulfill of the fleashly ways and how the christ would come to this earth now the new testament explans that the Christ at his resurrection had  fulfill the law of the flesh and now is in spirit and this is what the new testament is for to help us come out of the flesh and in to the spirit of the Christ by the Holy Spirit, the new testament helps us become spiritual has we live in the flesh on this earth 

    the new testament is the story of God's son and how he changed the world at the time.


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    The old Testament was GOD's law prior to his son coming to earth it foretold of the coming and the Resurrection of the Massiah (Jesus) and also of the creation of earth and Adam n Eve prospectively it had a law quite opposite of the law that Jesus taught he taught turn the other cheek if thou brother strick's you on the right cheek turn to him also the left....the old testament taught an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth but the coming and the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross along with his Resurrection his Blood Paid in full for all our sin's making us perfect in God's eye if we've been saved and washed pure by the blood of his son Jesus Christ it ,,,,really it involves a great deal more i would have to write literal volume's of book's explaining the meaning of the bible and still it would be unclear to same people just allow me to say  in simply put words judge others as you wish to be judged and punish others as you so choose to be punished .... if you see someone hungry , cold , wet , tired, in jail , without ..... give unto that person as you would wish to be given if that PERSON WERE YOU FOR THAT IS HOW GOD WILL JUDGE YOUR ACCEPTABILITY INTO PARADISE !!!!!~!  DA GURU

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