Canadians are doing away with thier pennies...Does that make sense to you?

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    It makes CENTS to me :D

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    I guess it makes sense, there's not much to buy with a penny in any countries economy, I wish the UK would do the same.


    Remember when the old coins were enormous? It always used to wear a hole in the pocket of men's trousers. :) Morning...or late afternoon, to ya.

    Still got some of the old ones,reminds me of my youth, "good mornin to you"

    I've also kept some of the old ones and Irish coinage, too. It's funny when you hold them in the palm of your hand, it can invoke memories, like a song or a certain smell. It's always pleasant memories, which is a good thing.

    How true. One shilling on a Saturday to go to the matinee and still be able to afford a tub of ice cream, with the little wooden sticks...what luxury.

    I think Norman Wisdom was Old Mother Riley, though I can't remember for sure. Then there was the serial with the girl on safari being chased by the gorilla...every single week.

    Hmmm...on the one hand it doesn't say the video is unavailable but the litte thing in the middle has been going round and round for ages. :(

    Okay, I did click on Old Mother Riley's Circus and it's playing. Geez, I'm six years old again! :)

    Huh, the second time your link worked! :)

    I am old enough to remember farthings, a quarter of a penny so there were 960 to £1.

    My Grandmother told me about farthings, never thought you were that old nom!

    I remember seeing a few farthings floating around in my childhood, though they were probably more keepsakes then.
    Will we get in trouble for cluttering up the threads with our mundane reminiscenses, do you think? :)
    country bumpkin

    Mundane reminiscenses!

    Sorry CB.....Am I clogging???

    Really CB???
    That can be a bit smelly methinks!!!

    Yes ROM, nom is ancient, 70 as of very recently and the farthing was legal tender until 1961. I also remember the Scottish silver 3d coin, put into Christmas puddings in my childhood.

    I do remember the silver threepenny, my mother was given one which was bent in half by her cousin before he set sail on HMS Hope during the war,we all no the outcome of that voyage.

    Happy belated birthday, on April 24th, Nom. Sorry we missed it!

    You find the pennies chucked everywhere. People have no mass on them anymore so it's time to be rid. The only problem is, I'm sure things will be rounded up and not down. Not much goes in the consumers favour.


    Always reminds me of my pocket money when I was a kid, it was amazing what you could buy with such a meagre amount....changed days eh?

    Saturday morning at the pictures,every week,Old Mother Riley, Lone Ranger,great stuff!!!!

    Click on it........

    No, it's only old ramblings, I have good

    We did away with them years ago in Australia.Our lowest coin denomination is 5 cents. You get used to it.It was no big deal.


    I agree with you there Tommy but they are good to keep for card games.

    Still have a jar that were used for card games at my grandparents home...back in the day.

    I think Canadians know what they are doing. They are much smarter than the US. The financial crisis did not affect them at all, because they could see the problems coming.


    Wow, Harper would love you, Ann! :)

    Jules, i was of the impression you gave up cigarettes!

    Makes sense but I like saving pennies, comes in handy when I'm broke and out of smokes........

    It costs 4 cents to make a penny in Canada...........sooooo facebooks' logic stands!


    In the US they say it cost 5 cents to make a penny thats the word out on the street any way.

    Does it make sense to produce penny that cost more to make then what there worst?

    Perhaps now that they have stopped minting them they might have some value one day.


    I read somewhere years ago that the cost of minting pennies in the U.S.was far greater than 1 cent.They continue to mint them because of the affect it would cause to world economy if they stopped.

    Your right Tom i just read somewhere it now cost a nickel to make a penny where's the logic in that .? I guess they account for that by all that worthless paper they print up under the guise of currency..

    then how are they gonna make change when it boils down to pennies?.  Or, if something costs   $8.53 , how are you going to give them the correct change ? If you give them  $ 8.60 and expect change, you won't be getting it back. At least there will be a lot less Canadian pennies here in the Detroit area..  Detroit is only 5 miles from Canada.


    Maybe by putting prices up, and cut out odd penny.

    They "Round up" or "Down" to the nearest 5 cents.

    What a bummer that would be for the USA.  Our sales tax would go up in increments of 5 cents.  Buy something for a dollar, pay $1.05, $1.10, $1.15.  It sounds petty, but with an 8% sales tax, you'd round up to 10%.  It adds up. 
    I like pennies. Pennies from Heaven. 


    Me too! :)

    In the US pennies are "not" currency..they simply exist "to make up the difference".  No Pennies No More $19.99 it would be 19.95 or 20.00...and we can guess which way it would go- gosh aren't we nickled and dimed enough???   LOL


    Talk about feeling ancient, Doo. I remember the days of "penny" candy.

    penny candy...and a penny for your thoughts. If we do away with pennies will I be thoughtless? or just penniless?

    LOL...I've upped the penny for your thoughts- sometimes by alot because "what's a penny worth" LOL

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