does beauty or brain get you ahead in life?

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    Darned if I know! I have neither.


    looks like we are in the same boat

    A brain is good and by observation, a lot of people in leadership roles are at least, attractive, if not downright very good looking!  Both, is the best combination, I think.

    HMMM... I tend to think brains look like cauliflower.  I don't think cauliflower is all that pretty.  But then, what makes someone pretty?  If you grew up being told by everyone ( your parents, friends, THE MEDIA, the gov't., Your church...) that everyone was good looking and everyone was smart in their own way, and everyone had a brain that looked like cauliflower - well, wouldn't that just change everything!!!!!  

    Alas, humans like to judge one another- on looks, on what they think it is to be smart, and what it means to "get ahead" in's all a land of bigotry and make believe!!!!  That is what the animals think and rightly so!!!


    Animals do too! The most colorful animals are the Males! to attract his honey. In the animal kingdom Handsome is more alluring!

    clu you are right! and to Doo all animals are beautiful- though some of their languages are very hard to speak!!

    This is a VERY good question.  It depends on what criteria.  Pretty people unfortunately have the upper hand when dealing with public situation jobs from sales to entertainment positions, certainly a pretty person has the upper hand in some publicly fronted jobs as well but this is because we are conditioned by hollywood to think this way.  I have seen some beautiful people in high end jobs that couldn't spell their name without looking it up.

    Jobs where higher intelligence in science, literary arts, and engineering  where success is measured in output, I don't think it matters, its the work that counts.  Unfortunately, nobody wants to buy a car from a dumpy bald guy wearing a checkered jacket and florescent tie. We have been conditioned to recognize this as evil-- Unfortunately, I know these dudes, they do sell but they bust use tactics beyond sales 101.. The pretty person with the admirable smile gets the deals without even trying. Sad but true.


    Yep...very true indeed (and I see that smile of yours!) :)

    Many beautiful (on the outside) people never have to open their mouths to  be successful.  Intelligent people who aren't exceptionally good looking have the same problems as average looking people.  
    If you put two smart people up for the same job, all things being equal  but looks, hands down, the attractive person would get the job 99/100.  


    I sat in on an interview (asked to observe) and I saw EXACTLY THAT happen, right before my eyes. He was a very handsome dude and, as it turned out, dud!

    Beauty may open some doors but only brains will make it to something besides a bedroom.......

    YES YES .If only it was true No "brain According to Colleen transplant impossible  "Beauty Cant tell .NO Mirrors in "house.Well had they all kept falling down when I looked to comb my Hair.Know The Song." I WHO HAVE NOTHING"

    Either one and especially the combination of the two.

    Best relations with GOD gets you ahead in life.

    I can't say ! don't have either. my quess would be what ASASAS said. Good relations with God!


    I don't know the meaning of the word?
    Headless Man

    nepotism |ˈnepəˌtizəm|
    the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, esp. by giving them jobs.

    My brain gave me a head start but my great looks put me way ahead. Wow...Ha

    No...... Depends on what they want to be
    for example a Model - yes
    Actor- yes
    Salesmen- yes
    Accountant- no
    you see what I'm saying?

    Beauty is is nice but having a brain is better, when your beauty runs dry you still have your brains..'s talent that makes it in this world...or perhaps being born into affluence...but even the rich have their troubles.A good goal is to do what you love and it will love you back!!!""

    A bit of both is alright.

    With brains, you can do almost anything. You will probably make the most money and with that money you can buy  all sorts of different ways to become beautiful.

    Brains will always beat brawn,,and pretty does not last all that long,as beauty is in the eye of the beholder..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    ... poetic man ... ;)
    terryfossil 1

    Geez Lindi, don't let that rumor get around,,i got a reputation to protect..>>>>>>><<<<<<..

    Ruff n tuff poetry dude ... I love it ... all ya needs now is a road-hog and a dusty ole hat and the free flowin' air .... run with it bro!!! ;D
    terryfossil 1

    You should see the movie "Paperback" Lindi..that's me to a T..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..
    terryfossil 1

    That's it Lindi,,a different movie for hugh jackman to be in,he still has claws but not as big as wolverine's,,i would rate it this way "A bit of a blokee movie with a girle tinge"but worth watching,,i have not seen Hugh Jackman in a bad movie yet..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    It is a great movie bud ... nice one.

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