does the hospital patients charter contain a clause that says a patient can refuse to leave hospital if they feel it is not in their best interests. eg no one equiped to deal with their serious illness at home?

    patient has had a brain tumour op 6 days ago.  has had massive stroke.  her eye has been removed and ear amputated becos of extent of tumour.  she cannot stand or speak.  they want her home and even said a taxi would be provieded if no ambulance possible'  her family are desperate.  please help.

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    I do not know if there is a "charter," you would need to ask the Hospital personnel that question. 

    I guess is you probably could, if that is how your FEEL.

    The problem is however, how are you going to FEEL when your Insurance provider refuses to pay for that extra time and you  get the BILL for thousands of dollars for your extend stay?

    I would suggest you ask the provider if the patient has Hopis or some other coverage.





    i think you are allowed to stay an extra day or so, but like Jack said, who is responsible for the bill?

    I think the insurance provider is the one to contact. Some policies seem to toss you out of hospital in minutes!

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