what is a good remedy for hemaroids

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    Sand paper and a bottle of  wiskey  or..Report Abuse


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    Hemorrhoids can develop from any increase in pressure in the veins in the lower rectum. Common sources of pressure include:

    Constipation and the accompanying extra straining
    Diarrhea and the continuous expulsion of loose stools
    Sitting or standing for a long time
    Heavy lifting
    Pregnancy and childbirth
    It's also possible to inherit a tendency to develop hemorrhoids..

    also you should note if u have trouble going to the bathroom like if ur constipated...being only 15 years old you should talk to an adult baout it mom,dad, aunt ,uncle who ever....

    Now treating the hemorrhoid depends on a couple of things. such as the size of the Hemorrhoid..if its a small one or a big one ! if the Hemorrhoid is the size of a golf ball or bigger than you have a blood clot in the Hemorrhoid which some times happens and more than likely you would have to end up having surgery and having the Hemorrhoid removed...

    ..... i just had a Hemorrhoid im in my late 20s though ....and i was scared to death never had one before but i will tell you how i used to get rid of it. i got mine last tuesday and its allmost completely gone. it will prolly take about 2 weeks thats a total of about 14 days for the Hemorrhoid to be gone..but here is what you should do you will need to types of medicine the first is hydrocortisone cream ..hydrocortisone is a steroid cream which is used to shrink the Hemorrhoid also you need to buy some preparation H. you can get both of these at your local walmart and they are cheap they cost only 5 bucks each...but you need both for it to work.....first thing in the morning when you wake up apply preparation H to the Hemorrhoid / later that day you will wash off the preparation H with a wash cloth and some water and then apply the hydrocortisone cream to the Hemorrhoid...then later on you will apply some more hydrocortisone cream / then just right before you go to bed you will use a wash cloth wash off the hydro cream and apply the preparation h you will be using the preparation H and the hydro cream both twice a day......also if u can manage after you take a crap if you can i would take a shower after pooping and wash your bottom good with soap and water then apply ither the hydro cream or preperation H cream after your shower...........also make sure you dry the bottom and Hemorrhoid good after washing with a wash cloth or showering/bathing..very important........following the advice i have gaqve you your Hemorrhoid should be gone in 14 days possibly less ....if ur Hemorrhoid has not cleared up in 14 days see a doctor...

    also if ur Hemorrhoidis hurting bad sounds... like it could be need to also get you some antibotic cream....such as neosporin and apply that as well........

    But if ur hemmorhoid is big golf ball sized then get to a doctor as soon as possible cause that means a blood clot as formed....i odnt wanna scare you but ive heard of people getn a Hemorrhoid and a blood clot forming and once the clot forms it can cause gangrene which is a roting process of the cells of the body really nasty stuff

    Corn starch will dry it out...........

    I knew a guy at work whose hems were so bad he had to wear a sanitary napkin to keep the blood off his clothes! They can be very bad!

    My personal favorite is surgery. 

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