i need a invention for invention convention for fifth grade due by next week fast can you give me answers if so thank you very much god bless!!!!!!!!!!!!

    types like art scienec community or animals or certain thing 2 pleaseeeeee?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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    Invent a cool bird feeder using an empty 2 quart plastic pop bottle! 

    OR consider some of these "needed" inventions>>>>A starter list of Problems needing innovative solutions
    Let us know if some of them are already solved.

    Alphanumeric design to prevent confusions of letters and numbers such as pdbq
    Appliances that are durable, mendable, multi-use, with updatable modules.
    Peace Toys to replace guns, killing and militarism
    Clothes - Australian Fashions that are different, beautiful, multicultural, durable.
    Fashions for the elderly and infirm that are comfortable, good-looking and durable
    Space Clothing replacing wasteful Space Heating. Everyone can control thetemperature of their immediate personal space, regardless of the climate around them.
    Conservation Clothes designed so that only the parts needing washing need be thoroughly washed.
    More Computer Games where knowledge and thinking, not violence, win the games e.g Youth to Age Computer Game - you grow older as you play
    Conflict Simulators to use instead of resorting to wars, strikes or marital uproar
    Conservation. Full use of sewage - as a major resource, not a pollution problem
    Culture. More fun, beauty, diversity, for everyone to join in, and less wasteful.
    ? Electronic tagging for people's strayable belongings, eg. glasses, has already begin.
    Food-chain bypassing, so that food can be manufactured directly from desert rocks.
    Homes - All new homes designed for energy-saving and protection against local risks e.g bushfires, floods, droughts, with space for salvage/storage, modifiable, renovatable.
    Paper, Erasable - can be wiped down with a scanner to reprint or rewrite again
    Paper Recycling that can easily be done on the spot
    Pocket typewriter that you can operate by touch in your pocket anywhere, even in he dark or if you cannot see. A further advance on electronic notebooks
    Poker machines that do something useful when operated by people addicted to noise&jingle
    Remote Control Gun Exploder that explodes or disables any other loaded weapon
    Souvenirs that are more fun, diverse,more beautiful, cheaper and easily transportable
    Personal space-heating to avoid wasteful All-Space-Heating .(See Clothes)
    Transport. Car modules that can shunt on, to expand cars. Cars that are easily mendable, modifiable and last well for 15-years.
    Public Transport. Linking main routes with flexible taxi-buses.
    Waiting areas & shelters comfortable not just cleanable/ vandalproof
    Truth-Print that prints or converts print to show the truth in black, fiction in blue and what cannot be determined as either true or false in purple. What a boon for news readers, if not for the newspapers themselves
    Window heat-savers that are transparent, that can be pulled down or attached in winter-time, with Window-heat-shields that can be pulled down or attached in summertime.

    See this link>>>


    Hasn't that already been invented? ;)

    Yeh! All the kids in grade 5 are inventing them these days!! Aha! :D

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