How many meals in a day?

    I've read that for good health and weight loss you need to eat three meals a day. Do you believe this? Do you do this? 

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    I find it difficult to eat breakfast, too. I'm just not hungry when I wake up.

    One big meal (dinner or supper with lots of fresh veggies and minimal meat or some nice fish).

    You can nibble all day really as long as they are healthy snacks.

    Sometimes I love a bowl of cereal right before bedtime. Done this since I was a kid.

    One meal a day mostly. Two on occasion. Never breakfast.  

    I believe for weight loss they recommend many small meals out of the day consisting mostly of fruits and veggies. I do not do this.  

    I don't eat breakfast...maybe once every couple of months I'll make Breakfast food for dinner.  I don't have much of an appetite.  So, I don't eat alot...maybe a meal a day???

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