Tea Party Politics

    Do you agree with the tea partiers politics? Also, do believe the tea partiers are the new republicans?

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    I am not sure of but one thing this country and the regular working class people are heading toward revolting towards our government spending and politics and all or we should be.....


    right it is abt haves & have nots, but the gov is supp by work class that pays taxes & it is abt things spent on bailout big corp,hand money freely to foreigncountriesmeantime reg work per gets no help fm our gov. Foreclosures now & will keep sky rocket level never seen before in this coun & it is not deadbeats losing their homes. I do bel has lot to do with how gov uses reg work class tax mon to do all this yet our own reg work class in crisis & no help at all? & it is the have nots works pays taxes at way too high taxed & taxed upon taxes not the haves that the gov get most money to do this


    Thank you for you response. Do you really believe it's all about the spending? No. It's all about the "haves" and the "have nots" no in between (middle class).


    The mid-term election, repubicians won by a landslide. If you have been paying attention to the elected officals since the mid-terms it will give you an idea on how things are really going. This means elected officals for federal, state, and local. Remember, all is government.

    Remember, TEA means TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY and YES, I agree with them.


    But, also remember, where it coming from!!!

    Personally I don't believe in any party. As far as I'm concerned Politicians R liars. They will tell U what U want to hear only to do what ever corporation has given him the most amount of money!


    Thank you for your response. That's why to vote is important...beware whom we but into power. To do nothing, what can I say...look where we are today!!!

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