my granddaughter was due to graduate from Morgan State University this May only to be told that she will not be, because the course she took waas not compatible with what she needed to graduate although the course was ok'd by the 3-other professor who gave the course that the course was compatible, and now 4wks from graduation she is denied please hear this from her she can tell much better her name is Monokia Tyson Nance her phone number is 410-493-8159 Baltimore Maryland

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    We are a general question and answer site. Your granddaughter needs to speak to the dean of her College. There's nothing we can do for her. We are just volunteers answering random questions on the internet.  

    Morgan State U is a great place. I am so sorry to hear about this.  Colleen is correct.  Your granddaughter needs to talk to the Dean and have the 3 professors back her up.  MD State Colleges and Universities have this very strict and weird way of deciding which classes count for basic and major classes and it rotates every couple of years- if it a class for her major I would think the Dean could help!!!

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