It's 4:30 AM. I'm wide awake. Does this ever happen to you. For me it's usual.

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    Lack of sleep increases the percetion of pain. Try some camomille tea before bedtime.

    Ann: My doctor told me the brain does some kind of trick that causes this. It's true for all of us, I guess. Xanax works for me but I don't like to take it because I like to stay awake. This doesn't make sense, I know. : )

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    Yes, for me it is an ongoing thing. That is usually the time I've had to get up for many jobs, sometimes 2:00 or 3:00 AM. I usually have the coffee pot set, so there's coffee waiting. Working or not, I always get up early...good time to schedule the day in my head.


    I don’t want to do anything but it now, after 15 years it grows on you. :)

    Once asleep, it's difficult to wake me. Getting to sleep is the trick. I take pills to turn my mind off..........


    I have diagnosed attention deficit -- my mind races too. Medicine helps it A LOT. I've passed the age when it's safe to take it.

    Almost on a nightly basis..I got a problem sleeping or should I say lack of it, time to see a doctor and get things back on track it's all to important to get a good nights sleep.


    Do you have a pain in your back like I do?

    No not so much a pain but rather a frequent urine problem..

    Daren, you should see an M.D. b/c it could be a sign of diabetes, or an urinary tract infection.

    @ mycatsmom allready been,iwas on flomax and it worked till my insurance ran out.

    I used to. I think ita all the overstimulation from certain programs on TV. I watch a nice old movie before bedtime and dont eat anything after 6 pm. That helps me sleep better. I watch fox news too, sometimes. I usually get up at 5:30 .


    Thanks for the advice, Ann. I will work on going to bed. When I am upset, it's hard to sleep; upset has been my M.O. since I started akaQA. :( Thank God (my opinion) for akaQA.

    I get between 5 to 6 straight hours. My doctor said to get at least 8 hours. It's very hard because I keep waking up. You're right about not eating after 6 P.M. I also realize that eating chocolate at night makes me hot and very uncomfortable.

    I work the graveyard shift however every afternoon at 3:00 I wake up. I try to get back to sleep at 5:00 but then I have to be up at 7:30.


    I've always found that a hard shift to get use to.

    im up and down all night long. seems if my back and legs arent hurting, then i got to pee. boy i tell ya, if it isnt one thing its another


    Car,Are you over 50 ? or over 60 ?

    My doctor's assistant called me today and told me that my blood test showed there was something wrong with my kidneys. She said, "Drink lots of water and the doctor will see you in a year."
    I'm kinda upset at that call. I should have been invited to make an appointment with the doctor.
    Today I've just been sitting around drinking and drinking and drinking.
    I slosh.
    Yes, if it's not one thing it's another.

    are you peeing it all out? i take lasix to help me because i retain water. they ran 35 pounds of water out of me when i spent 2 weeks in the hospital.of course i had a catheter, so i didnt have to run every five mins.

    I think my natural rhythm would be the graveyard shift. 


    Me too b/c I'm a night person. Or the 3--11pm shift....which was my fave shift as an LPN

    Night people are said to be more creative. Let's pat our backs on that.

    Every night!!  That's because we're night Owls!!!""

    I generally don't even go to bed; I fall asleep on the couch, sometimes sitting up. The other night I was awake til after 4.  Last night, I was asleep by 1.  I'd love to go to sleep at midnight and awake at 6:30-7 each morning, ready to go.  
    i think I need an more active daytime.  And  less emotional upheaval.  


    You become more impaired it lowers your immune system can cause depression and can cause memory problems.Try to go go to bed the same time every night.

    You become more impaired it lowers your immune system can cause depression and can cause memory problems.Try to go go to bed the same time every night.

    4:30 am is about the time I'm going to bed.


    I could never stay up till 4:30 am. How do you function? Lack of sleep causesw memory problems and can cause depression.

    I have both, Ann. Maybe that's why.

    EVERY NIGHT. When 12 A.M. comes, I'm wide awake. If I had a night shift job, this wouldn't be a problem. I'm like "mycatsmom", when the 4:00 A.M hour comes, that's when I go to bed. I have NEVER in my life went to bed before 12 A.M. It is 2:30 A.M. (EST) and I'm wide awake.


    You need sleep to function. How many hours do you sleep?

    YES. Sometimes I am in a Dream seem to wake around 430 am. "Then its not a Dream !! its my wife`s big "Toe.Is were it should`nt "BE."Ouch."

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