Has anybody ever gone to school with the child of a Jehovah's Witness?

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    No, but I've known a former Jehovah Witness, and she didn't seem to have been allowed much of a childhood. No birthdays, no Christmas, no holidays that I can think of...not much of a childhood at all!


    What makes you think she had no holidays? It could've been for financial reasons.

    Same here. All the JW's I knew did not celebrate these things.

    Hmm..the JW's I have known do not Give gifts or parties/ cakes for either Christmas or Birthdays- So, I've got to agreee with Shootah.  Oh, and there was enough $.


    Same here. All the JW's I knew did not celebrate these things.

    I have worked with some and made jokes about blood transfusions and rubber door knockers. Not tactful but that's just the way I am.

    no but i went to school with Leroy Jenkins daughter. i forget her name. he was a big time so called faith healer back in the day. i knew a couple of his fakers and we would sit and make fun of him. you wouldnt believe the people who went to these things. i mean the place would be packed. he lived in a big huge place on the edge of the town i used to live in.

    My neighbours many years ago were Jehova's witness, my children attended the same catholic, they were well spoken and well behaved. Their mother used to grind her own flour, do all things home baked (she would invite my children in to help) a lovely woman that never preached and instead of coffee, I'd ask her in for an orange juice, when my husband was awawy with work, sometimes for months, hers would mow my lawns and never even expected a thank you in return, my views are different, however my experience with that family was a positive one


    Their practices are reasonable but not for me…I like to party, and swear like a sailor…I was a sailor.  The bit on Christmas is understandable…..It is a pagan holiday as well as  Easter, Summer Solstice at Burning Man, Halloween, Day of the dead,  and  all those memorial events like Bunker Hill Day and any other party hearty days of friveleous behavior and achieving those magnificent heights in a drunken stupor. Never met anyone who could attend those glorious events and remain sober and off the drugs being passed around. That’s probably why you don't see’um  lurching around with the rest of the mob……pardon me while I throw-up.       

    Yes, my oldest son had a classmate who came from a JW background. He missed all the parties and winter concert and anything that was "fun". 

    In 6th grade, age 12, he put his foot down and got to be "like everybody else:". 

    You can raise a kid in faith (any faith), but you can't make him believe it.



    I actually studied the bible with them voluntarily for about three years ... they were mindblown when I thanked them and told them I was going out west to pursue my music and studies in Krishna, Buddhism and the Gnostic faith  ... what a blast! They were shocked and dismayed when I told them that I felt that many of the Master's teachings were based on far Eastern texts .... lol What a riot!


    Maybe, but I have taught at a school with students which were Jehovah Witnesses.  They had stipulations concerning what they could and could not read, view, and I do remember that we teachers had memos telling about their orders for no blood transfusions, etc.  Only once was there a fuss, as there was an all-school movie and they required an alternative setting, so they didn't attend the movie.   All in all, their needs were met, and they were not a big problem to accommodate. 



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