Did you hear about the salt water crocodiles moving south from Northern Australia. I soon, suppose we'll have to think twice before we leap into the ocean for a swim.

    Soon we will have to think twice before leaping into the ocean for a swim. Who's dinner will we be, sharks or crocs?

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    maybe playmates for the great white sharks, there have been more shark attacks this last summer than I can ever remember, they don't cull anymore like they used to

    Crocks??   What about those spiders there? I hear there are more spiders in Australia than all the rest of the continents combined!   


    True, I killed one running to the bedroom this afternoon. We'll need to spray the house. We have netting on all windows and doors. Perhaps they're coming in under the doors.
    We hardly see the most dangerous ones, but i did kill one in the kitchen a few years ago. I only left the door slightly ajar for a few minutes. I guess it saw it's chance. I jumped on it because those spiders strike like cobras. They don't jump after you. So he got his waterloo all at once.

    Those salties are big, very big. They'll eat you in one gulp. They also like to swim in fresh water as well.


    See how you guys are, these poor crocs just try to help by swimming in the slat, and where is the pepper anyway?

    Crocs, spiders, sharks, snakes, jellyfish. New Zealand has none of these, just earthquakes

    The crocks are going on Holiday to visits their mates in the South!

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