I'm addicted to a TV show.

    I've always liked TV but it has never been a problem. However, it's  becoming a problem.  I have Netflix and now have access to all of the Desperate Housewives' shows. ALL of them. ALL. I watch a couple of hours a day and then go sneaking off to dark corners to watch more ... more ... more ...

    I am becoming just a little unsociable. And lazy. And single minded. Sheeeeeoooot!  What can I do? 

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    Start your day off by prioritizing the things you have to do , get everything out of the way then you have earned yourself your "me time".If this is something that you like to do, do it.Gosh, don't feel guilty because you enjoy something.


    I'm not getting exercise, cleaning my house, or taking care of my husband. It's 4 AM now ... I just turned off Desperate Housewives. I'll be a cheerful chunk tomorrow. Today I stayed in my pajamas allll day. Anyway I think your suggestion is very very good. I will try it.

     got the same prob, only with akaQA. And I watch too much TV.  My suggestion is.......go out and join clubs, such as civic service clubs; or go to at church and work on their projects. Or, volunteer to work with the Humane Society - - - -to walk the dogs, clean the cages, give the animals quality time and attention.


    akaqa is sociable (in a sense) It's better than my problemo. I have an injury which makes it difficult to do things - to get out. Dam!

    You need to get out.


    (pssst...send one of those UFO thingys to her house)

    I can not argue with this one. You and doolittle have my permission to send a UFO thingy.

    My sister claims to be an "angry bird" widow but from what I can gather from facebook, her husband is a Desperate Housewives widower......


    Desperate Housewives! Do you mean she's having a problem with addiction to the TV show too. Do you have a touch of addiction to facebook? or akaqa?

    We email back and forth. She calls about once or twice a year. She's in AZ, I'm in TX.......

    Itsmee enjoy!! This was there last eventually you will see them all.  Get back to us if you start from Season 1 once you've finished the 2012 season-  LOL!!!  I know how it is!!! aka!!  Oh, and last week I was visiting friends, looked up at the clock, and realized I had to leave right then to get home to see my favorite show (then I realized I had set the box to record it).  Whew- it was a close one!!!


    I believe there are SEVEN seasons. SEVEN. (I have already seen one season and I'm now on the second season) You have no idea how long it takes to consume an entire season.

    Uh, what's YOUR favorite show?

    I was happier and more active when my addiction was akaqa. The internet has a strong calling to me. I've had to give my neighbor my mouse so I could pack to go away on a vacation. This was several years ago.

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