Do you really “Love thy neighbor”? ;-) 

    “Love thy neighbor” is preached from many a pulpit. But new research from the University of California, Berkeley, suggests that the highly religious are less motivated by compassion when helping a stranger than are atheists, agnostics and less religious people."

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    Very interesting, Grit Savage. Somehow I do believe it.

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    I don't hate anybody.  Some get on my nerves but I'll mourn their passing..........


    I have`nt walked past you yet? LOL

    My neighbor is a d*ckhead.  He is the most nosy person I have ever known.  He gets into everybody's business and reports everything to the authorities.

    Love thy neighbor?  Fat chance.


    Difficult with those ones...I've had one. ugh

    had one of those awhile back, pain in the A***

    No one, and I mean no one, is a bigger butthole than my neighbor. These people seem to live forever too.

    i try to love thy neighbor till her husband came home...Seriously yes i do my best which is never good enough, but the best i can do is my best It's a cold world out there..

    I dont think that is true at all. When I lived in PA. in a very small, very religious town, everyone helped each other out and it was not uncommen for total strangers to stop at my house when I first moved there and introduce themselves and and ask if I needed anything and to give them a call if I did. It was so amazing to me how kind these people were.We then moved to another much less religious state and it was like living in the twilight zone.No one got along with each other, at least not on the street I lived on. I moved out of that state and here in NH. people will help each other and I help anyone that I can. I think its where you live, makes a big difference. and has nothing to do with beeing religious or not.


    Sorry, just seeing this now Ann. You say very small, very religious town. So they were all alike and knew all were religious. It was a community of the same, a pack a flock if you will. I wonder what would have happened had I moved there and let them know I am not religious at all. Most areas are like the second town you mentioned. I think that's the way it should be but I bet had you needed help and the street knew it, they would have pulled together for you. That street is much like the street I live on now. When we got hit with that mega snowstorm though that put us out of power for a week, people here helped each other out.

    Yes I do love my Nieghbor we all get on great its a little villiage so everyone knows everyone and if you needed help you know you can rely on this as for god bit no I dont do that

    I better........... He's my brother,,,

    Oh those "religious people"!!  They are less compassionate OR they give quietly and secretly so as to not be front and center with their kindnesses to others.  Is that possible?


    In many instances, Ducky, yes, it is possible. Not every "religious" person is reprehensible, nor do they need to be acknowledged for doing something they should do in the first place.

    I don't believe the study.


    Wouldn't it be interesting to know the "research" on the "research-ers". How religious/non-religious are they? How often do they, themselves, lend a helping hand?

    Coming out of UC Berkeley, your doubt is well-placed.

    love thy neighbor does not mean love as in love your kids, parents, etc. it means respect. accepting them as they are. it is respecting that person but hating the things he does is a whole different thing from actual love.


    because that person is ok. its the things he does that we dont like

    YES.Good neighbours make good friends  .

    I am not as  generous, or forgiving as I would like to be.  I do what I want, and I would like to want to do more. 
    As far as UC Berkeley being behind this study, I'm 100% in agreement with pioneer2 

    I did love thy neighbor but they stopped loving me, all because i could not keep up with their want, want, wanting all the time.

    We  have recently fallen out with a neighbour after 25 years, so now no I don't love all of my neighbours.


    Same here sunnyB, now the animosity is uncomfortable.

    Yes it's a bit difficult sometimes, we have to park our cars next to each others. But I won't have anything to do with them again.

    If a study from the University of Berkeley said grass was green I'd ignore it.    It would be skewed to the left of left.


    Touche. Exactly my feelings.

    One way to tell if a town has a lot of caring neighbors, is to look at how many volenteer fire companies they have that are maned by all volenteer firemen..

    Someone already mentioned small town in Pennsylvania.  One of my grand children lives in a town named Tamaqua, about 100 miles north of Philadelphia, with a population of of only 7,000, that has four volenteer fire companies, each has at least TWO pieces of million dollar fire apparatus and an operation truck.

    There is a separate volenteer Ambulance Corp, with four Ambulances as well as a volenteer Rescue Squad with two equipment trucks.none of whom are paid.

    Here in Dover Delaware we have TWO fire companies, maned by both paid and Volenteers with a population of around 37,000.




    No...but I do love a good smoked turkey on rye...mmmmm""


    I had rye toast with breakfast this morning.

    My husband has rye bread for breakfast too

    I'm to disabled to be much help anymore but our church rakes leaves for the old and neighbors in need. I helped build a handicap ramp a few years ago.

    We also give cash to those who are having a bad time from a list the members supply.

    I think a person's capacity for love or compassion is more based upon the individual than whether or not they attend a certain church. There are those people who attend church more to appease their neighbors than any God they might have looking down upon them.

    Look at the BTK killer...he had a perfect attendance record in going to church, while he tied, tortured and killed people!

    If things are not good within a person...I highly doubt anything like going to church is going to change someone. I'm not saying people can't change, but it has to be something that comes from within them first...and it is not predicate upon attending church.

    No one has to go to church to believe in isn't the threshhold of belief, but more a door or an opportunity for some to learn. But never the benchmark.

    I don’t help folk to cross a street who don’t want to go to the other side. I don’t rescue apparently  abandoned fawns whose mother is not around.  I don’t save folks who pretend to be in trouble and I know pretense when I see it.  I will not be lead by lies nor do I use lies to lead others. A person who secretly plans their own demise or that of others deserves to grieve or suffer. 


    ?BENEFIT of the doubt rob...THE one person you walk past..may be the one in real need!...many are fakes..but I`d risk helping a fake who gives the real people in need bad press! never know!

    I know you have good intensions millie.

    Just now I have bearable neighbors, but I had to say that nobody can't love their neighbors or any other people all the time. So lets try our best anyway.

    No, I'm a good girl...


    He meant love thy neighbour not make love to thy neighbour, lol

    Everyone here (in the small town I live) helps each other, we raise money if someone is ill and in need, or when someone is elderly and need mobility, we shop for each other often, share our garden produce and enjoy meals and drinks at the pub.......could do without the 4 noisy kids next door though

    I do not love my neighbor but I will help if need be.

    yes.I do.

    NO NO NO NO NO! ! !....some of them a V definite YES TO!!!:-)..but on the gardens I live on...many are petty and vindictive!  I try to be polite to them all but they hang out looking for trouble!:-¬...Of course I`D TRY and help any one of them ill or in trouble...but that`d be about it!!! :-¬

    Actually, I hope to.  An attractive woman just moved in to the apartment above me, so I'm trying to get to know her.  Our schedules aren't in sync though.  It looks good so far though.  :) 


    ...and how does the wife feel about that???lol
    it depends

    My neighbours are elderley & when they first moved here thay had limited English skills.Over the past 20 years they have required a considerable amount of help.I have never refused.I have mown their front lawn for the past 20 years,I have repaired their car,replaced fuses in the middle of the night,helped paint their house etc etc etc.I don't require praise for helping or any other reward or recognition.I simply want to point out that I am an atheist  you don't have to go to any church to be a good neighbour.


    I'll be needing a bit of help over here...building a hothouse...a staircase downstairs and painting the outside bottom story of the cabin...and I'd like to start a garden so we'll have to go harvest a whack of seaweed covertly...maybe get some oysters while we're at it and....oh the list is endless b'y...jus' come for a visit!!!! lol ;)

    Yer on Lindy.Except for the gardening.LOL.Everything else is in my scope of capabilities by the garden is all yours kiddo.:)

    I create lasagna or layered gardens by layering the 'stuff' in loads about a foot deep...start with newspaper and cardboard laid flat wherever you want the garden to be...then toss down the layers...seaweeds...grass clippings...dead leaves...rotted manure...composted woodchips...then plant it and be amazed!!!
    Sounds easy right?? Yeh, I've got a knack for making things sound real easy...LOL! Come on by...waiting...this island is not drifting anywhere too soon!! ;)

    One time I loved my neighbor and his hair smelled of strawberries.

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