Which drug is worse for the human body, herroine or alcohol

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    Both have their serious consequences.  My friend's daughter is a heroin addict.  She has lost her daughter, has no home or income, peddles herself and steals.  She could overdose and die. She's in jail right now, for the umpteenth time. 

    I've known many people who qualify as alcoholics.  They generally manage to keep their jobs and property, but their relationships are ugly and sick.  Sometimes they end up with terminal diseases, run their cars into trees or other cars, or become otherwise incapacitated.

    I'd suggest you visit some AA and NA meetings.  Also go to Al-Anon and Nar-Anon.  All of those will give some more insight into drug and alcohol addiction and how it affects everyone, not just the addict/alcoholic.   


    all addiction is bad not only for the addict but the entire family,so as you say get it sorted fast.

    Heroine will kill you faster....

    Both Heroin and Alcohol is very addictive and both can kill you

    alchohol surpise!! weird huh?



    why?? because it is legal??

    Alcohol, if comsumed responsibly, is good for the body. Narcotics are either Heroin or Cocaine based and have wonderful results when used as prescribed. Other than that, don't self medicate with either.

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