andrew parker human bridge

    man risked his life to save others

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    He deserves a medal.

    <font size="2"><font size="2">It also goes to Andrew Parker who formed a human bridge to allow others to clamber to safety across him.</font></font>

    Four Belgians are among the 10 people who will receive the Queen's Gallantry Medal, and two Royal Navy petty officers will be awarded the Queen's Commendation for Bravery.

    A further 17 meritorious awards, including those to hospital staff in Bruges who helped treat victims, have been given out.

    Eye-witness reports

    Speaking to the BBC, Mr Parker said: "I had no thoughts of heroism at all... the only priority is survival.

    "Things happened so fast there was no time to be terrified, no time to panic."

    Mr Parker has helped set up the Herald Family's Association.

    The tragedy, which unfolded in just 90 seconds, took place as the Townsend Thoresen, ferry the Herald of Free Enterprise - full of freight, cars and passengers - sailed out of Zeebrugge harbour.

    It capsized and passengers were plunged into icy waters but many of the bodies of the deceased were not found until the ferry was up-righted five weeks later.

    Many of the honours bestowed upon those who displayed heroism during the tragedy were decided based on eye witness reports at the time.

    The Department of Transport helped decide the final list but it is widely understood many others who may have deserved recognition may have been overlooked from BBC NEWS

    People, like him, who act quickly and not selfishly are amazing!!

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