would it hurt to take it if its expired

    i have some left from last time i used it its expired can i use it know


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    is it food you must explain so we an answer this thank you

    Some of what left. Food? you might get away with it. Medicine? It might not still be effective.......

    This is Officer G.T. Grip badge # 75531

    If it is illegal substances please do not share that www- Big Brother and Interpol are watching...If it is alcohol- stay away from beer cans that have been opened- stale beer is gross and you might get a cig. butt too!

    Be Safe!

    #75531 signing off.


    this is technicaly not a double dip as Officer Grip uses Doolittle's name and avatar - he want's to be "under the radar"


    What is IT??????????

    If it is anything to do with medications, the answer is no.It can cause you more harm than good.

    When I worked as a nurse,( an LPN ), a pharmacist came in to give us some continuing educ; and he said expired meds won't hurt you, but they prob won't be effective. If they're real old, I wouldn't take them if I were  you b/c they might become rather acidic .


    Yeah...took a trip in the seventies and

    never quite made it back!

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