how long does it tae to drive from tuscaloosa al. to stone mountain ga.

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    3 hours 46 mins356.7 km - I-20 E


    Hello to my favorite once more. First congratulations on reaching 400!
    I just had a mini holiday with my wife (3 days friday-sunday ) and checked you out half an hour ago. When you suddenly stopped posting I was thinking you might be having problems so it was a relief to see you on akaqa again. Since middle of june '11 I have not been able to walk properly because of a small fracture in the middle of my foot. It never healed properly and on new years eve it broke again. I was able to find a good foot surgeon and he operated and grafted a small piece of bone from my shin onto the fracture. That was beginning of may and now I have to take things slowly for a while but I don‘t have any pain anymore. I am still crazy about Rombo, he is a wonderful cat. He‘s been with us 3 years now. I never told you of his food allergy and he suffers with itching. I started him on another elimination diet but up till now its been without success. I don‘t want to spend a lot of time here because I have neglected other interests but I won‘t give it up altogether. it is still fun. How is Harvey and your other pets? I hope they are all healthy.

    west-bus glad your not to bad I hope you are on the mend now I havnt been on site as much as my work has gotton sooo busy I am sorry to hear about Rombo with his food allergy do hope you can find somethig suitable Harvey is fine and the other two are good we lost Henry this year we had had to say good bye to him he was nearly 21yrs I do miss him terrible it was nice to have this little chat even though its cyber LOL as you know my Mother died early on in the year I miss her too please keep in touch west as I do miss you xxxx

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