A natural-gas fueled, 250-kW, solid-oxide fuel cell with a heat rate of 7260 Btu/kWh costs $1.5 million. In its cogeneration mode, 300,000 Btu/hr of exhaust heat is recovered, displacing the need for heat that would have been provided from a 75% efficient gas-fired boiler. Natural gas costs $5 per million Btu and electricity purchased from the utility costs $0.10/kWh. The system operates with a capacity factor of 80%. a. What is the value of the fuel saved by the waste heat ($/yr)? b. What is th

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    Not enough information is given to be able to determine the answer to that question.

    I. E. How is the ENERGY in the waste heat being used?  To preheat the feed water, or preheat the combustion air, or is it simply returned to the fire box?

    In addition to the fact that the 10 cents price per KWH charged to the consumer, INCLUDES a unknown amount of profit, to the provider.

    That price margin per KWH charged INCLUDES the result of the question you presented, in any event, creating a circular equation and the question moot.


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