how do i use my television as screen for my laptop

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    Don't think you're supposed to, if they'd meant you to do that they wouldn't have provided the laptop with a monitor.  If you're just using it to play games you'd probably be better with a Nintendo or Playstation, they use a television as a screen.

    In the 80's I had a Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer and that uses a television as a screen perhaps you can still buy them off the Internet.

     Whenever I used the TV as a screen for anything I had to stop what I was doing when my dad wanted to watch what he wanted. › Electronics

    If it's got an HDMI port your good to go all you need is the cable in which are easy to find..

    You have to hava a plasma or lcd tv .all you need is a pc cable and it also helps to have a wireless mouse. I connect mine to my 50 inch tv all the time and its awsome

    Simple if you have a newer TV:  Plug in your video USB cord into your TV.   Use your remote control to switch from TV to computer to DVR.  It works well for me! 

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