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    what is name my oovoo

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    You should find that when you go to log in, you are asked for you ID and if you can't find it, there is a window saying 'Forgot your ID' or similar. You click on this and follow the instructions to reset your ID. If this doesn't work, you can browse the Help section or try contacting someone directly through the Contact section.  <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->


    it's very important for NEW users to understand once you have created your oovoo login account name you "CAN'T CHANGE IT AFTERWARDS !!!" so for whatever reason(s), e.g you dont like your oovoo account name etc. So be very careful in what you decide to use when choosing in a oovoo name. In particularly when you have a lot of friends within your oovoo contact list. You'll have to manually do the same process all over again. Your display name doesn't have the the same level of importance as the oovoo account name. And it's the "oovoo account name" that's the one, that has preference here over anything else. You CAN, however, keep your ID and change your Display Name - the name that appears in other people's contact lists. You would do this here: FILE/EDIT MY OOVOO CARD/


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