Help for russian music video ???!

    A russian music video a woman performed in peach trees and blosoms like what Japannis got?


    There is two music video performed by same female singer in russian language, one she performed in a yard full of Cherry Blossom trees with beautifull blossoms like the trees in Japan and the other video she performed in a haunted house and a man came to the house, he can not see her but she keep whispering in his ears and at the end the man is in his car and the singer just tap on his car windows. Can you help me, it is about 4 years I am searching all the sites for those.


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    I actually searched the web when you asked this a few days ago and got on a few sites and looked and looked (for about 2 hours)  I couldn't find any music video of this..without her name I'm not sure how I can help- do you know any of the lyrics?  would you recognize it if you heard it in Russian?


    Sure I would recognize it if I hear the<removed by moderator> songs, man u dont know what u r messin with, these stuff are realy realy cool, believe me or not but I dont waste my time searching for two clips about 4 years if they were normal stupid happy fool rap & <removed by moderator> chris brown songs ; ]

    Thank u for putting ur time on my request, I myself am a song finder but these two already going to beat me

    There is no other song in russian that a woman sing in a backyard full of cherry trees like in Japan

    Wanna a clue: this <removed by moderator> already copied the clip I am searching for, exactly the same style Таня Терешина — Понимай ( Tanya tereshina). It is the second clip I mentioned befor in which the baby performed in a hounted house, u can see this copy if it helps.

    I found it man , thank u for carring
    I just typed in russian in google image " music video cherry" and then boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom here she comes Елена Есенина - Одиссей и Пенелопа, it is the hounted house clip but I will find the other one soon
    I like myself and the way I find musics : /

    these two already going to beat me



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