Why is the "Camber" off on all four wheels on my father's 2003 buick LeSabre and what do we do?

    my father has a 2003 Buick LeSabre Custom.  It has a 3.8 and the problem is ROAD NOISE.  it drives like a dog, and a mechanic said the rims are bowed out at the bottom on all four wheels.

    any ideas?

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     If you don't know what your looking for Take it to a reputable alignment shop. get a 4 wheel alignment ..Tell them to check the tie rods ball joints.

    it is very unusual for all 4 wheels to have the camber off unless the car was wrecked at one time or something that i have seen a couple of times is when a tow truck hooks up to the vehicle ,a lot of tow truck drivers do not realize how weak the cortrol arms are espeacially on a buick which has independent suspension system. i am assuming that you have at least check all tie rods , ball joints and control arm bushing and there is hardly any play. i would do a visual check of all the sus. componentsfor bent  parts. compare one side with the other and hopefully you will see a difference in between them. good luck

    We don't know what you are talking about, dude. See a mechanic. We only answer general questions. We do not have mechanics on stand by, in fact, we don't have any.


    constanta81 is definitely a mechanic!!!

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