Is life (now) where you thought it would be ten years ago?

    As in, plans an goals?. Did you, or have you stayed on track with said plans or goals?. Have you reached,exceeded,lost or changed plans or goals?. Why, or why not?. An what have you learned hence or since about life. 

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    Around 10 years ago I lost my son. I had no further plans after that. I'm surprised to find myself doing as well as I am now.....


    sorry to hear about your loss Julie .glad that you are doing alright

    That`s SO sad..I`M so sorry to hear that:-(..just WELL DONE YOU FOR DOING SO WELL...i take my hat off to you! :-¬
    All good wishes,
    millie xx

    No.  I thought it would be much better.  Not where I expected to be at this point in my life. 


    your not the lone ranger there!

    there`s still time!!;-)

    HEY..WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN RUSSROCKS???`s some mystery!??????!...have you been holidaying in Hawaii again???!

    for me your question would involve a long and involved answer, so the short answer is no, I swore I'd never marry again, I did, I also said I would never sell my home on the water, I did and now live in a country town, my early retirement went down the tube,and not through choice, I expected to live my life near my family, in a job I found rewarding and well paid, I still work in the same field but sadly it is now only for monetary reasons, don't mistake me though I am happy and enjoy my life, just not what I expected


    never say never!!!;-))

    No not even close, i thought by now i would have a dream house with a white picket fence and a garden out back, well at least i got my wife whom i love dearly and our health..But  GOD only knows what thee next ten years will bring..

    WIFE IS LIFE!!:-)...dream home pales into insignificance imho!!..DAY AT A TIME..IN MY BOOK!....WHO KNOWS...HOPEFULLY GOOD THOUGH!!:-))

    I have been very happy with life Dont have goals .I take every day that life throws at me .Just  deal with  it  then and  there. Family health is very dear to me.that's my only concern .So far so good I am happy Roof over my head Food on the table no money problems. worked saved for old age .



    Yes  I feel  like I am at the place in time  today I thought I'd  10 yrs. ago  , perhaps  somewhat  better, actually I am far better today  than 10 yrs ago  I am alive  10 yrs ago I had cancer so  yes  I am much better.      Thank God

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