How should we stop illegal immigration into the US?

    And what should we do about the ones already here? 

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    Mexico is a  newly emerging industrial power.It is hard to understand why the even want to come to the US. It might have something to do with cartels running Mexico and the US selling guns to cartels. 68.000 guns have been confiscated since 2006 that came from the US that have killed 148.000 people since 2006. It is still a dangerous place to live and the US needs to stop selling guns to Mexico. Unless the US. sends an Army into Mexico to help clean up the drug trafficking, there will always be Mexicans coming over the border.looking for a safer place to live. We cant stop all immigration from Mexico. Mexico has to do its part. It is theire responsibility to clean up theire country.


    After reading all that I have come to conclusion that you shoule work for congress! well done Ann xxx

    Thank you. I do research on government all the time and came to the conclusion, that most branches of government are corrupt.

    This is not a problem confined to the USA or Oz, Europe has many illegals and it seems to be a natural migration from a deprived country to a prosperous one. Probably the best solution is for rich countries to donate to poorer so the people have no need to migrate. The problem would be to know the money was being spent where needed and not creamed off by the rulers of the poor country. Perhaps we need a return to Colonialism.

    Simply bring our boys back home, post them on the boarders... Anyone that is here illegally now, give them 30 days to become an American citizen If they don't, ship them back. Anybody employing an illegal should get a fine that's big enough to hurt them if not bankrupt them...... The employer should have to repay all the medical expenses incurred from the illegals and anything else that cost the taxpayer.


    I like the big fine part.

    I don't know how to stop illegal immigration without spending bazillions of dollars for barricades and guards.  However, we do it with prisons and it is generally effective. 

    What to do about the current problem?  Be narrow-minded in disallowing illegals the "benefits" of citizenship, such as access to free food, housing, medical, education, and work opportunities.....    

    People who hire illegals to work are a big problem.  Illegal children have to be treated with the same consequences as adults, and it is hard to be indifferent to children's circumstances. They are the victims of their parents.


    They built the Great Wall of China for a similar reason.Does that give you ant ideas?


    Sure. What about a wall with electricity running through it? :)

    Might work.We have a similar problem here in Australia.although we have no international borders apart from our coastline.We have thousands of miles of coastline & it's almost impossible to patrol 100%.Most of our illegals come from Indonesia on boats.I understand the siuation in the U.S. is a bit different.When I was in Texas I was stopped & questioned by immigration several times.It can't be done here because of the remote locations in Western Australia where the boats are landing.Most Aussies wouldn't mind genuine refugees looking for a better life but there is an element amongst them that just want to bring their problems here.

    I can't help but think of America as a "Melting Pot", the Statue Of Liberty states, "Give us your tired, your hungry, your poor" or something like that. I believe it but perhaps we shouldn't make it so easy for newcomers to out do us already............


    I think your right jhharlan. When my great grandparents came here in the late 1800's it was not easy to get into this country.. And if you were sick you didn't get in period...

    There were periods of time where specific ethnicities were prohibited from entering the US through Ellis Island. I get really frustrated when I see the "minorities" raising hell about not getting enough recognition when they have never been specifically denied.

    I think it should be called migration... a natural occurring phenomenon when creatures need more food, clean water, and overall better circumstances.  When looked at from a Natural perspective migration makes a great deal of sense.  Migration doesn't occur when present circumstances remain good (or better than a perceived change).  Therefore, it becomes completely understandable why humans migrate into our country.  How we have become so territorial is beyond me.  I appreciate the ethnic blending...and they pose no threat to me.


    They pose no threat to you? Really?

    1. What about the added burden on taxpayers because they pay no taxes yet use our services such as schools, hospitals and welfare system ?

    2. What about the increase in crime rates and drug trafficking in border states?

    3. What about the fact that they can't communicate and some states are actually printing signs and documents in two languages at taxpayer expense when it shouldn't be necessary?

    4. What about all of the uninsured auto accidents that cause insured drivers to pay higher rates?

    Russ...The Government allows all of that to occur...and has for years! Perhaps this is why Migration what I wrote (above) again.

    Exactly, doolittle. The government shouldn't allow it. Instead the US government should help other countries improve their standard of living so that "migration" becomes unnecessary. I remember that is what NAFTA was supposed to do. Did it? Let's make it a world economy where all share the same standard of living. Oh wait, that's called socialism and that's a bad thing.

    Even in Socialist societies there is an un-equal division of money. Some people think their jobs are more important than other people's jobs.... It is a human destiny...We should learn from the elephants!

    doolittle - - -birds migrate. People immigrate. We're talking about illegal immigration here. No one is opposed to a foreigner entering legally and then maybe studying for citizen ship

    Qualify to be here or deportation is appropriate. Prompt deportation is preferable as is prompt recognition as an acceptable person here. Our facial and fingerprint idenity software could be much faster and better. Our process of becoming a US citizen should require a demonstrable skill sufficient to prove workplace competency…in fact, employers should sponsor prospective workers for entry that includes a clear path to citizenship without abusive or exploitation by employers.

    Visa renewal should be by review….basically a computer file of activities and legal offenses. As is, the process could use some tuning to function properly. However the system has been corrupted in many ways and needs protocal reviews.     

    Post a bounty on them for their capture and deportation. I think we have enough problems without importing someone elses.


    We could also train, deputize and/or license unemployed people for this undertaking. This would create jobs and solve two problems at the same time.

    We tried that and found the abuse of captives so reprehensible that the practice and slavery were outlawed but under special circumstances such as flight from justice and in law enforcement.

    The U.S. Gov. will never  close the boarders. Too much money is coming in . And they say they need the Mexicans b/c no one else will do menial work for low pay. I have my doubts about that. Plenty of people here in the Det. area do menial work for low pay. 

    I don't see why these illegals are so against getting some type of a green card........or applying for citizenship. They 're lucky we're not like other countries.......You get thrown in jail if you illegally enter most other countries......expecially the ones in the middle east.


    Do you mean too much US money flowing out to Mexico? Or do you mean drug money coming in?

    Shoot them, they are invaders.

    They are trying to pass a law that saying illegal in the term of illegal immigrant is a hate crime.


    That will only things much worse.Our Government had decades to do something about illegal imigration, but looked the other way.

    The government thinks and acts that it knows so much better than we do what is right for us but we don’t hide behind golden cretins being severed all day as they do so we know what is right for us.

    Anybody that does anything illegal should be punished proportionate to the crime.

    Some interest groups and organizations will try to push their agendas through Congress if they can, but it's very unlikely they will succeed in this case. After all, illegal immigrants can't vote, can they? :)

    CRIME? CRIME? Give me a break. How much stupider can this get.

    Be careful what you wish for.  Many countries around the world are near parity with the U.S.  China's economy was way behind that of the U.S. some 30 years ago and its GDP should exceed ours by 2025.  When these countries begin to achieve economic parity with that of ours, the illegal entries to the U.S. will dramatically slow down.  America needs to wake up now.  Cancel your shopping plans to Walmart, Pier One Imports, Toyota and Lexus dealerships tomorrow.

    what other country do you know gives the benefits that we do, education, health care, food stamps, housing, etc. to people who do not pull their weight and pay taxes?  Why not risk coming in?  With a destitute future, any illegal with brains would try to come here, I probably would... We need to stop making life so easy for those who do not, but are able to, work and contribute by getting off the assistance, and on to the taxpayer rolls.  This not only applies to illegals, but to citizens who have exploited the features that are in place to provide for those truly in need of them.  Social workers see situations which they know should be discontinued, they should be backed up legally, and the abusers should be removed from government assistance.  Also, limits should be made and adhered to for those getting assistance.  Public assistance is not a life-long endowment by the taxpayers! 


    Illegals schould be deported immediately. But they dont. They are instead sent to private prisions and held there for a long time, in order for the private prisons to make lots of money. They love when illegals come over the border. That is why our prisons are so overcrowded and disfunctional,Its a money making scheme for them. This is corruption and it schould be stopped by our government.

    Take down signs like these: ""

    Do like the other countries do- - - -if you so much as set your big toe in some of the other countries, unauthorized, they shoot you or put you in jail.

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