Synthetic DNA Evolves! Who's responsible "god" or Science? ;-) 

    Christine Dell'Amore

    National Geographic News

    Published April 19, 2012

    Step aside, DNA—new synthetic compounds called XNAs can also store and copy genetic information, a new study says.


    And, in a "big advancement," these artificial compounds can also be made to evolve in the lab, according to study co-author John Chaput of the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University. 

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    Science.  I think it is a bit Terrifying when Man "plays" God.


    its the people that exploit the bad side effects that are the problem,science`s main aim is to advance knowledge and hopefully enhance our lives.

    I am intimidated by the advance of science, why can't they devote their great minds towards feeding the world. Fix the existing problems.......................


    I agree!!!
    Grit Savage

    too many people on this planet, sure we could feed everyone who would go on to produce more people which would put us back where we started.

    the problem with this world at the moment is capitalism or greed! the problems are not being fixed because the people funding science want profit! look at the obscene wealth apple has, producing things people don't NEED but they want them. sad really. ;-)

    I don't think people are afraid of science,,, But what it could bring,,,,  It only takes one Idiot to clone  one thousand Hitlers Or Saddam Hussein, or Barack Obama ........ Whether your christian or not this is screwing with nature... God or what ever you believe in did not intend for this to happen.... 


    I agree,apart from Obama ,OBama Foever,

    i cant understand why everyone is so scared of science, all the things that make your life so comfortable are in some way due to science.and if we can be able to replicate things that are supposed to be the territory of "god" so be it.the reason the followers of god are so upset is that they see this kind of advancement as a threat to there belief and undermines  the churches hold on its follower`s.


    No. That is not what bugs me about it. For every good and positive use there is a bad or negative use.

    I agree with you. It's too bad there is a way for these belief systems to co-exist.

    If a brick is manmade, it still doesn't change the fact that everything used to make that brick could be attributed to being made by God. So, I don't really see why people should be so nervous about science, unless it is de-stabilizing a very closed view that was never based upon anything all that stable to begin with.

    Reminds me of the story in the news about teacher at a Catholic school being fired because she was seeking in vitro fertilization in order to get pregnant. The church took the stance that in vitro fertilization was EVIL!

    I don't know about anybody else...but to me, that sounds like something out of the dark ages! Next thing you know they'll be at her house trying to burn her for being a witch!


    It wasn't all that long ago, they actually would have done that! (Salem witch trials.)

    thats the whole point,religion is a house built on sand and the church is petrified that scientific advancement will expose this.



    The humans, because them got free will from The God.

    God is science. God created scientific events. God is everything

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