How much soap per gal of water will a pressure washer rated at 1400 psi use?

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    The pressure washers I've had would not put soap out at high pressure you had to put it on low pressure to use the soap. When you put it on high the soap automatically turned off. The soap output should also be adjustable.

    Seems to me at 1400 psi, you will not NEED a solvent.




    I dunno, 1400 psi really isn't that much, I had one rated about the same, I gave it away because water pressure at home through a garden hose was almost as strong with a good power-spray head attached. My neighbor has one that is rated at 7,000 PSI, it'll knock the bark off a hickory tree from 20 yards. LOL I'd hate to walk in front of it, Even behind it feels like as much kick as a 50 cal machinegun.. HA!!
    Jack Large

    Unless the sprayer has a positive displacement pump, the pressure is NOT increased by simply reducing the size of the nozzle.

    Witness a 1-1/2 inch fire-hose at 125 PSI, it can easily be controlled by a single fireman.

    Simply going to a 2 fire-hose, requires two firemen to control the hose.

    The "Force" of the water, leaving the end of a
    given pipe, is the area of the pipe, times pressure.

    Reducing the size of the nozzle actually reduces the "Force," but increases the velocity.

    The average pressure in ones domestic water supply is generally only 40 to 50 PSI

    For a pressure washer to do its best work, one needs to get as close to the work as possible

    At a distance of one inch at 1,400 PSI, it will scour conventional deck wood.

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