words that ahve the same spellin but diffrent meaniung



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    WIND:  as in weather    WIND:  as a pitcher will wind up and throw the pitch
     Those words are spelled the same,  but pronounced differently as well as having different meanings.  

    The word WELL can mean a healthy state of being, an interjectory word (Well, how about that), or a well that is dug in search of water, oil, or some other resource. 
    BRAND can be a commercial name on a package or an identification burned onto an animal's hide.  
    HORSE can be a beautiful animal or a simple game played with a basketball.
    FIRE can be a huge mass of burning matter or to dismiss an employee from his job. 
    ICE can be frozen liquid (usually water) or the act of putting frosting on a cake. 
    BALLOON can be a piece of inflated mylar or the state of becoming inflated (as in weight)
    FILE can be something used to smooth fingernails or a folder containing relevant and connected information about someone or thing.
    HOSE can be a tube from which water is directed from a faucet or stockings.
    SHOCK can be an electrical charge passing into a person or a state of extreme surprise or trauma. 

    See how there are all kinds of meanings to very simple words.
    Your question has too many answers for me!   


    Well (as in rightly so) said!!!
    Jack Large

    Of course you are correct, I miss read the post.

    I do ooccasionon makmisstateses, please do not tell my offspring ;)

    Words like   There their, Wood would,  Sow so,  Weather and Whether etc.




    When I translated the scholar's English, I thought the question was about words that are spelled the same but have different meanings.

    Not to worry! Your secret is safe with me. We imperfect parents must stick together. :D


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