Where are the predator drones the US military in Afghanistan controlled from?

    Where are the predator drones the US military USES in Afghanistan controlled from?

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    We could tell you that but if we did, we would need to hunt your down and.. well, you know...

    I don’t know anyone who needs to know the answer to your question. 


    Nobody "needs" to know, Robert. I just want to know out of simple curiosity. Besides I read a story in a magazine where one accidentally killed American troops due to a communications mix up.

    Ok I’ll tell you where all our stealth planes are controlled from and I know you’ll find it hard to beleive but here it is. Moon crater Tyco on the south eastern rim, a base was constructed there five years after Roswell using alien technology which included ways to make space ships invisible. But I don’t want to say too much or the FEDs will be on my doorstep again. So keep it quiet will ya?

    The CIA drones are controlled from a suburban facility near the spy agency's headquarters in Langley, Virginia, while military drones are controlled from airbases in Texas, Nevada

    Those operating from Afghanistan into Iran are CIA


    somewhere near Las Vegas, Nevada. it is done from about 6,000 miles away. this is an amazing ability.


    You did not comment my answer to your unic and only question: "what is the answer to this riddle. you are my son but i am not your father. who am i?" Because my answer was correct? If not correct WHAT IS THE YOUR ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION?

    i still do not have the answer to that riddle. i have tried all of the answers that were suggested but no luck. i am looking for it.

    I live in Las Vegas and I know that some of them are flown from an air base just north of here.  I think it's fascinating that it's done from so far away.  It's not a big military secret.

    my backyard, seriuos!

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