How do you send hairspray in an aerosol can from the USA to Canada ?

    Aerosol cans are considered "Dangerous goods" in the eyes of the Post Office.

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    Hazardous and Restricted Materials Some things cannot be mailed or can be mailed only in small quantities for safety and legal reasons. Some items have restrictions on how they can be mailed, including:
    · Aerosol cans
    · Firearms
    · Flammable materials
    · Liquids and powders
    · Lottery tickets
    · Poisons

    Some items, however, are not permitted in the mail, including:
    · Alcoholic beverages
    · Ammunition
    · Drug paraphernalia
    · Fireworks and other explosives


    Shipping companies follow the same guidelines as the post office. They will not ship it either. Try ordering it from a company that ships and have it shipped direct to the person in Canada. They may be able to do that because they are a licensed company. 

    Visit this US Customes site for more info:

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