what happens to packages with a wrong address to ups to send bak to the store they come from?

    how long does ups keep the pkgs and will they deliver them back to the addresse or to the store that sent them???

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    They say it will be promptly returned to the sender so you might have to call UPS to find out what promptly means.

    Correction of Wrong Address
    If UPS is unable to deliver any package because of an incorrect address, UPS will refer to the telephone directory and make every other reasonable effort to secure the correct address. If the correct address is secured, UPS will make another attempt at delivery and the shipper will be notified of the correction of address. An additional charge, as stated on the current rate chart, will be assessed for each Address Correction.

    Return of Undeliverable Packages

    Packages refused by consignees or which for any other reason cannot be delivered will be promptly returned to the shipper without additional charge.

    UPS around here tries to deliver twice-they then leave a notice of the number to call and directions where you can pick up the item...I have no idea how long they hold things...My guess is it depends on how big the storage area is and how busy the plant is where you live.

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