how do u know this seeds will grow because right now it not growing i am sad i want lots of fruits

    WELL I KNOW NOW ITS BECAUSE IT TAKES A YEAR OR MOTH TO  GROW I WISH IT CAN GROW FASTER WELL I WELL SEE WEN I PROVE THIS ANSWER I JUST GOT THEESE FROM UMM I WILL TELL YOU LATER   WELL FRIST PLANTS GROWN LIKE BABYS RIGHT ? LIKE WHO WE WHERE IN OUR MOMMYS TUMMUY AND THEN YOUR PLANT START GROW ROOTS AND THEN  WE START TTO GROW LEAVES THEN WE WILL START TO GROW FRUITS ANY FRUIT THAT Haves seeds in them and then dont eat your fruits yet now your  plant will have lots leaves on it now you can eat your fruits and when your plant dies it will start al over angain so we can have more fruits right we need fruits right u know that a apple away keeps a doter away make sure you eat lots of fruits eat how many as you can but if your you stick dont get some much medenine ok thanks for all thoose a veiws remeber what i said ok  bye!

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    Here is some good instructions to help you and I wish you lots of good luck and I will follow your very good advice and eat more fruits! Thank You!! :)

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    Choose very ripe fruit. If the fruit clings tightly to the pit or seed, the fruit may not be ripe enough. It can be beneficial to choose fruit that you find particularly tasty. Although it is not guaranteed that the seed's offspring will have identical characteristics, it will improve your chance of growing a fruit tree you love. Remove the pit.

    If the fruit has a pit, crack the hard outer shell of fruit pits with vice grips. Be very careful when you do this not to damage the seed inside. You do not want to use a hammer, pliers or any object that might damage the seed inside the pit. Vice grips are ideal because they will not close past a determined point. You do not need to remove the seed from the fruit pit. It is better if you do not because this may cause damage to the seed. Simply make sure the pit is cracked.

    Three months before your last frost date, place the fruit seed in a small plastic cup filled with good potting soil or compost. The plastic cup will need to be small enough to fit into a ziplock baggie. Dampen the soil, being careful not to make it soggy. Place the cup inside the baggie. Zip the bag closed. Store it inside the refrigerator until your last frost date has passed.

    Just after your last frost date, take the cup out of the refrigerator and the bag. You should notice roots have developed. Place it in a sunny window keeping the soil moist and the temperature at about 70 degrees. After a few weeks of adapting to the new temperature, you can transplant you small fruit tree outdoors. Spring is the perfect time to transplant. When you are ready to plant your fruit tree outside, clear the area of weeds and grass. Keep the new tree well mulched and watered. Don't forget to mark the location of your tree with a stake, so you do not accidentally mow over it.

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