we are about to lodge a sponsored partner visa in a high risk country .we wish to then lodge a tourist visa ,my wife is still overseas ,can i lodge the tourist visa for her in Australia?

    As we re applying for a sponsored partner visa offshore,some of the questions in the tourist visa will have answers that would be considered not acceptable in normal circumstances.The reasons to return would be not regarded as acceptable and also when she leaves her place of employment it is not possible to get a letter from the employer to guarantee the job back afterwards.Can you please sdvise of the correct  visa to apply for in this situation and the possible time taken to be granted.On the page of "time taken "it is 12 months, possibly before granting of the bridging temporary what would be therefor advisable to apply in the length of stay to be practibable.                                                                                                                                         Yours Faithfully,    Graham Croasdale.

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