common law in Ca., Whats its value?

    I've been with this person for 15 yrs and ten yrs ago we bought a house. Needing a co sighner, whom is his father, it was best to put only their names on the title. Like any fool in love,I believed this was it. My life was set forever, we had it all together. House, cars, kids,and we were gonna grow old together. Well, as the same old story goes,15 yrs later,we never married,instead of growing old together, we've grown apart. And now he wants me to move out of "his" house. Any advice?

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    Sue him for the money you have invested in the house.

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    Common Law Marriage is not recognized in the state of California. But it will recognize a common law marriage that is valid in another state.


    True, very true. Basic rule in CA is..........if it's written, it's law. If it's not written it's not law.

    It's been 6 months since this question was posted, and I'm curious to know what happened to this person....
    IamPamela31 is very correct in telling you there is no such thing as commonlaw marriage in California.  She is also correct in stating that a common law marriage from another state is recognized as a legal marriage in California.
    Oddly enough, a couple I know recently got a loan from a bank here in California, and the bank accepted their "California common law marriage" in the loan documents.  But, then again, all the bank wants is the deed to your soul.
    Please let us know what happened.  I do hope you were somehow able to prove that you had an interest in this home even though your name wasn't on the deed.  P.S. I just saw a friend today who co-owned a home with his much-older girlfriend, but it was only in his name.  They broke up (after 26 years), and he stayed in "his" house.  Don't know the details.

    It's not called comon law anymore. In California you are able to go to the court house and fie for a Domestic Partnership. I've seen the judges treat it as a marriage. It was made beause of the same sex partnerships.They couldnt get  insurance from a life partner, as well as other benifits. like decision making in emergency situations like a spouce can for their wife or husband can. Thier argue was they had longer relationships than most married people. The judges do the same with DPs(domestic Partners) as with MP(married people) What you came into the relationship with, you keep .what was accumulated while together either gets sold/and or divied up apon agreement. Then the courts will desolve the DP .

    And just because a persons name isnt on the paperwork to start with as soon as escrow closes you do an ammendment and add the name. Two second job and your in like flin. They dont like to put the names of people with bad credit, no credit, no income,and in debt on the paperwork because the lenders might reject it.But they should have told you that you couls add your name as son as escrow closed. Never too late though . You can do it anytime.

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