my 19 month old son has 2 mommys,my sister has been with us ever since he was has my boy friend,but:

    for last 5 weeks me and my boyfriend who loves my baby as his own have liveing in motel,my sister has gaurdianship over my son,he still lives with her cauuse mentaly i cant take care of him by its come to the point where if i dont move back n with my sister and do all that cps wants i cant take my son nowhere,,my boyfriend doesnt want to move in to help keep are son,he says he leaving sister is tryn to help us keep him thats why i signed gaurdianship papers when he was born,so if somthing ever happend he wouldnt b taken away completly.i dont unerstand my boyfriend wanting to not pertisapate with us,he has bfore?

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    You're child is more important then the boyfriend. You're sister has put her family first and so should you. Pack your bags and get back home to your sister and your son. Tell the boyfriend to take a hike.

    It sounds like he really doesn't want to be a daddy. Let him go. He will be no good to you or your son. The child is not really his and he wants no further responsibility concerning him. Your son is the most important in your life. Put him first always. There will be other men. Perhaps your boyfriend is just opening the door for a better man to enter who will also put your son ahead of his own needs. 

    Your boyfriend is a loser and so are you if you don't leave him NOW!

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