What country do you live in and if you couldn't live there, what 5 countries would you like to

    live in, and why?

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    Scotland, and I have lived in Singapore, Hong Kong, Turkey, but I always came home!


    us- amsterdam, australia, swedan, switzerland and Italy!!!

    Majulah Singapura. I went to secondary school there, Romos.

    I lived there for nine months while I was in the Royal Navy, never stopped sweating, but it is a beautiful culture they have there.
    Majulah Singapura.

    Honest question .deserves an Honest answer Only Scotland. My Home.But to visit "Wow USA CANADA AUSSIE LAND SPAIN I already go top every year.NOT Five but them all the "WORLD !! What a PLANET to live on.


    dowsa, you must let me know when you head to the states!!!

    WHEN. I am giving Free transport Free meals "Oh a nice Hotel .Like the "WHITE HOUSE !!I will think about It.

    Well, I will try to arrange a White House stay with free food...Tell me, can it be any white house???

    HA Ha You are to smart for "ME" Dont want a "JAIL House !!Next door to that "Great Leader HMM Whats his Name Tall skinny guy with a tall skinny "Wife. His Famous "Quote is WE will get through It?? I think.


    Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Grenada VI. I haven’t seen enough of Russia. I know life is not as enriched as many other countries and I would like to see what and how to do some little business with them…trade.   


    1- Italy  2-France  3-USA  4-Spain   5-Argentina

    Canada!!!  (1)California (2) Alaska you are probably thinking...hey,those aren't countries...well,they should be!  (3)Beautiful Australia (4) Scotland...I have roots circa 1500s..the Reid Clan!  (5) Blood-Sarcee Territory,worlds' largest First Nations Land Reserve on Canada-U.S.A. borderlands,this is some of the most beautiful territory on the planet!Peace.


    Well! and I thought you would visit!

    I could sneak down from Blood-Sarcee Territory...Easy Peasy!...or you could meet me at Duck Lake in Montana!!We'll have to ask Ducky along...y'know,namesake and all!Quackers!

    Yes, Newt just sits on the porch..but if you ask him he'll spin yarns about the wild adventure he has had. Mitt is a nut case...chases his tail, catches it, and bites it :). Might have to move up to your neck of the woods :)

    I live in Australia and my country is my first and only choice. I've lived in other countries and I think old Oz is the best.

    I live in the US. 1) Australia. Sun, culture, English- speaking, food, beautiful "sheilas", gambling. 2) Singapore- Climate, food, English-speaking, strict laws. 3) Hong Kong. Climate, food, English-speaking, gambling nearby. 4) New Zealand- English-speaking, beauty, food, climate (in the north) 5) Israel. Beauty, religion, food, climate, English widely spoken. Canada would be #1, if not for the weather; I don't like the cold.


    I know what you mean. No need to shovel Heat.

    Oh yeah, Clonge. The winter can be wicked here
    but in my area we had an extremely mild season and spring-summer temps for a few weeks in March!

    Australia, if i had to live elswhere it would be a toss up between Weat coast U.S.A. or the centre to the western part of Canada and that is all. WHY? I have been to California, except for L.A. which i disliked, i loved it there, and Canada which i have only seen in Documentaries and Winter Olympics looks a very favoural place to live.


    The autumn here is pretty much the same. It is not until late October that our leaves change (the fruit trees' leaves turn the color of Cheetos) and the air gets cool and crisp. It is very enjoyable time. Spring is special, too, with the grasses turning green again and the dormant vines and trees coming out of their hibernation. :D
    California has a lot of great places. If you come again, I'll look forward to cooking dinner for you and yours.

    The weather sounds wonderful!!!

    Well, I'm not a tempest but I'll talk to God about it. I would love to visit someday!!!

    West Coast Baby! Come to the Islands Mon! You and your family will never want to leave! That is the way most of us came at every turn in the road and creatures too numerous to list..adventure country for those in love with this great Mother Earth!!C'mon down!

    I live in the U.S.. First  choice by far is Ireland, then Canada, Scotland, Switzerland, and England, Might change with the ability to visit more abroad! Being in a foreign speaking country is a bit intimidating to think of actually living and working there.  What the heck, though, enjoy a challenge in life!  You never know where it might lead.


    Hey, a person after me own heart! :)

    Born and bred in Australia, I am sure there are other beautiful countries in the world,but my heart is where my home is.

    I live in Australia, I have never lived abroad and have had little opportunity to visit other countries, something I hope to change in the near future, the countries that interest me are Canada, beautiful. Samoa, the climate is fantastic and the people I have met are friendly and welcoming, I have always loved Tonga for the same reasons, it is also picture perfect and unspoiled. The Spanish culture intrigues me and I wish to learn more, New Zealand (South Island) very pretty and the culture not foreign to our own and easy to adapt, Italy looks fantastic and I love the food (though my daughter tells me living there can be expensive) I really can't think of anywhere I would truly like to relocate to permanently, though a visit to Europe would be great, , but for me, I think Oz will always be my resting place

    U.S.A. is my home country, and I've always lived in California, but have visited most of the other states (or at least driven through).  I've also visited England and a few countries of Europe.  
    OUTSIDE the USA, I  think I would like to live in Australia (totally convinced of that via this).  
    I would like to live somewhere that has four distinct seasons.
    Other places in the USA would be Boston, Massachusetts, Kauai, Seattle, Washington. 


    Ms BOB, you better give OZ a miss if you like 4 distinct seasons, at the moment my state is in Autumn, you would never know it , the weather is still beautiful at 28C (82F) with Cloudless blue skies, the leaves on the deciduous trees haven't changed colour let alone dropping their leaves, believe me i absolutely love it.

    I live in Canada.

    Grand Cayman Islands. Paradise on earth.

    Ireland.  Back to the auld sod.

    Australia.The country looks fabulous and the peope seem so outgoing.

    Great Britain. Scotland, love the people, know many and they are warm and friendly, we have a kinship being Celts. England cos I spent part of my childhood there, after leaving Ireland. Wales,Celts too and the countryside seems beautiful.

    Germany. I took German in high school and really enjoyed it and the teacher sparked an interest in all things Teutonic.




    I was born and live in England and cant imagine living anywhere else but if i had to the only other place id want to be  is Scotland, our family is Scottish descent,lovely people from what ive seen of the Scots


    We're the best!

    Yes, I loved living in England as a child, Leosmami. I actually loved the weather there! :)

    Yes, ROMOS, and so modest too. ;)

    Yes Romos and Dardaigh, like minds. Love the weather of England, Ireland (never been to Scotland,....yet), and Where I live, in the mountains of Appalachia in Western North Carloina, USA,..... all of which are similar! ;->

    AYE .Thats why "TINA "TURNER sings that "Song "SIMPLY THE BEST SCOTLAND!!

    Boston Mass USA.. But i've been to maine, newyork  ,florida,  new jersey as well as vermont, I hope to one day make it to texas...

    Hmmm..USA.  If Newt wins I may have to seriously consider where to live for a few years!  My dogs MUST be protected!!! I met Mitt...but Newt too.


    "WHY DOO. You going to get the FBI to pick me up at the "Airport ?"OH OBAMA Is looking for a "Soul mate.OR "CELL mate ?

    LittleDoo the weather is fabulous, another day the same as testerday, 1 degree warmer at 29C ( 9.30 am Sunday morning 21C ) but we really do need the rain -- Sth. Aus. the driest state in the driest continent.

    Doc Doolittle!Are Mitt and Newt your dogs?

    (yet another blonde joke..!:D)

    Fair comment ROMOS!!Nice folk the Scots

    I live in Finland. Scotland, USA, Norway, Sweden, and Australia in that order.

    USA is my home.

    Italy, Spain, France, UK, Switzerland


    Good picks,Val.

    Australia,,Austria the people are friendly and honest,,Singapore the only country where multi-culture works,France has the old world feel about it.Vanuatu the people live in island time and are very clean and friendly,island time is(get to it when i get to it).that is about all that stands out in my memory..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

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