how to unlock an lg cosmo verizon phone

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    Here is your solution: 1. Download CDMA Phone Tools Here: " workshop?tab=summary" 2. Install and launch the program. When I did, it set my antivirus off but after some research it appeared to be okay. After I used it, it didn't damage my system so I don't think it was a virus. However, use at your own risk. 3. Plug your phone into your computer and let windows find the drivers. If for some reason windows doesnt find the drivers you can get them here: "\" 4. Once the phone has installed in windows run CDMA Workshop. I had to click "run as administrator" or it wouldnot launch, I'm running windows Vista 32 bit. 5. Once CDMA Workshop has launched set all baud rates to 38400 in the Com settings, AT mode and DM mode should both be set to 38400. 6. One at a time starting with COM1 try each COM port and hit "connect". If it is successful it will tell you at the botton it has connected to the COM port. If there is nothing there it will tell you it failed. If it fails try the next one till it says connected. 7. Once you have connected click the "Read" button. If it tells you "Failed.. Phone Does Not Answer" you have the wrong COM port. Click "Disconnect" select the next COM port number and repeat until you see a bunch of info pop up on the left. 8. I was not able to pull the unlock code by clicking "Read", I had to use the one of the 3 buttons under the "DM Mode" Section. The button "LGDM" worked for me, I honestly don't know what the other 2 do. 9. Look to your left and WALA! you should have an unlock code displayed. 10. Thank me, because my fingers bloody hurt now. lol Hope this helps you out and everyone who is stuck on this, it took me hours of reading and compiling info to figure this out.   I found this on the net, hope it helps.

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