96 ford thunderbird odometer and trip meter stopped working. how do I repair?

    since the speedometer works and odometer uses same signal, I assume it is not the VSS sensor!

    I have been told that there is a quad motor that needs to be replaced if the VSS sensor is getting juice? can anyone confirm this and if this is the case where can I purchase this quad motor?

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    Try this forum. It's all about T-Birds and repairs >> 

    Did you check the cable from the speedometer to the transmission.  

    In answer to your question about the VSS sensor, wouldn't an auto parts store have it?

    We're not really an auto repairs site here. Sorry I can't help you more than this.


    thanks Colleen,but there is no cable from speedo to tranny it is electrical and my question wasn't about the VSS sensor which seems to be working due to the speedometer working,(they run off the same signal! what isn't working is the (quad motor/or whatever the part is called that converts speedometer to odometer)! AND CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG BUT MOST OF THE QUESTIONS IN THIS CATEGORY ARE ASKING HOW TO FIND OR FIX PROBLEMS WITH CARS??

    Yes, most of the questions in the category are but take a look at the answers. We pretty much Google search and find answers on other forums. I wasn't sure how to search this one for you.

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