how to install fual pump in 1998 chevrolet blazer

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    Raise the back of the vehicle and support it on jack stands, positioned on the frame so they do not interfere with the removal of the gas tank. Disconnect the fuel pump electrical connector located at the passenger side rear of the fuel tank.

    Disconnect the three plastic lines from the fuel pump at the rear of the fuel tank by squeezing the connector and pulling them off. These lines are the main fuel line, return line and the vent. Loosen the fuel filler tube clamp at the end farthest away from the tank. The idea is to keep the filler hose higher than the fuel in the tank to prevent spillage. Separate the filler hose from the metal filler tube.

    Place the floor jack under the center of the fuel tank. Remove the two bolts securing the fuel-tank support straps to the frame, using a 15mm deep well socket. Remove the two support straps. Lower the tank--use a helper to help stabilize the tank on the jack. The tank could be heavy if it is half full or better. Do not let it tip on the way down and watch the rubber filler tube so it does not get hung up. Remove the tank from the jack and lay it on the ground.

    Look at the top of the fuel tank and you will see how the pump is held in. The hole in the tank has a series of tangs. The pump is held down by a circular ring with tangs of its own. Rotate the ring so its tangs are under the fuel tank tangs. This locks the pump in place. Use the screwdriver and hammer to remove this ring and release the pump by placing the screwdriver at an angle on the ears that stand up on the removable ring. Tap the ring counterclockwise to push the ring tangs from under the fuel tank tangs. The fuel pump module is spring-loaded so it will push upward as the ring is released.

    Lift the fuel pump module out of the fuel tank about half way and tip it to empty the remaining fuel into the tank. Lift the pump out of the tank. Lay a rag over the opening in the tank to keep dirt out.

    Install a new O-ring on the tank opening. Place the securing ring on the top of the fuel pump under the fuel lines.

    Install the new fuel pump carefully, making certain that the fuel lines are facing in the exact same direction as they were removed. When installing the fuel pump, be very careful with the fuel-sending unit float. Angle the pump properly so you do not bend the float arm, or the gauge will not be accurate.

    Center the fuel pump after it is in the tank and the fuel lines are facing the right direction. The fuel pump spring makes this part of the job a little tough from a manual dexterity standpoint. You need to push down on the pump while using the other hand to position the securing ring and trying to rotate it clockwise enough to get the tangs under the tank tangs. Hold pressure on the top of the pump and push the securing ring into place as much as possible until it holds the pump down.

    Tap the securing ring clockwise until the tangs are completely engaged. Lift the fuel tank up and position it on the floor jack. Lift the fuel tank up enough to insert the fuel filler hose into the tube. Lift the tank the rest of the way and install the two support straps and the bolts. Install the rest of the hoses and electrical line in reverse order of removal.

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