am i respected here?

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    What do you think?  And....please explain  why or why not, as you must have a good reason for asking such a question.

    Give respect and you'll get respect, just like any place else..

    Hard for me to say at the moment, a lot of members here are fans of Ed shank, and apparently your not one of them.You showed no respect to Ed when you asked us if he was mean.


    I'm sorry ok?

    Respect and unity here is how we keep this working nicely.  My friends and I have differing views of many subjects and polite disagreement with respect keeps peace. Rants, trolls, preachers and perverts are routinely dismissed especially when offensive. I have been coming here from the beginning and I enjoy my visits nearly every day.

    Have you given reason to be? You called out a long time member and tried to cause drama over him. Not a good way to gain the respect of the rest of the community members. 


    I'm sorry.

    Respect .Has to earned .Have you earned it ?? Ed has.

    Good answer Dowsa,i was actually going to say the same


    leosmami. Know the saying "Great "Minds think alike.

     are you someone special that I am not aware of?? I don't know what happened to you and ed but I do know that Ed is special..

    Respect is a thing that...once gained through conviction and dedication...can also be lost through misdemeanor...yet gained again by a show of restitution!!Peace.

    shane- the real question is: Have you said you are sorry to Ed???

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