how do I uninstall wise convert toolbar

    I did not ask for it and want it gone.

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    I had the same problem.  This toolbar is not program and therefore you CANNOT remove this from the control panel.  It is one of those sneaky ones that you can never delete but you CAN hide it.

    Do this:

    1. If you have uninstalled Wise Convert, re-install it (trust me - this works)

    2.On the top right hand corner of Google Chrome, click on the button which has the orange circle on it. This is the Wise Convert toolbar menu.

    3 Click on "Hide Toolbar"

    4 Go on to Google Chome settings button

    5 On the left hand side menu, click "Extensions"

    6 Click to remove Wise Convert from Google Chrome


    You must hide the toolbar before you remove it from Google Chrome because if you do not do this, you will have a visable unuseable toolbar staring back at you.


    Hope this helps. 


    Great answer - best regards from a person with this problem in Denmark - you have saved me hours .... I am sure.
    Thanks so much!!!


    Lisajc, can I get rid of Alot search in same way ?

    In order to uninstall a program press the 'Start' button, then open the 'Control Panel' and double click the option 'Programs and Properties', then search for the program you wish to uninstall on the programs list, double click it and choose 'Uninstall'.

    If you have it installed on google chrome, you should be able to the menu in the top right hand corner just below the close button. Once the menu drops down mouse over tools and select extensions.  The Extensions tab will pop up. and it will show all extensions including the wise converter. It should say enabled. untick it to disable it then select the rubbish bin to delete it.

    how to uninstall wise convert


    I was able to uninstall the program this way but for some reason the toolbar remained. Any solutions?

    Chrome users, in the Google Chrome browser, go to chrome://extensions find Wise Convert in the list. Click uninstall or disable. I did this and it worked.

    Thank you soooo much for this information. I got rid of it!!!! :)

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