Is it idea to invest on expensive shoes?

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    Most men dress from the top down, meaning that they buy their suit first then shirt, tie, belt, etc.  Usually shoes are the last thing they buy.  I can always gauge if the man is successful or not by looking at his shoes.  Successful men purchase very good shoes.  Imagine a place like Hawaii where most men wear Aloha shirts: how does one discern whether or not the person you are dealing with is truly a success as he claims he is.  Answer:  look at his shoes.

    My answer to you is Yes, it's a good idea to invest in very good shoes for business.  This includes shoes for women as well. 

    I look for comfort, durability and light weight. Not always easy to find when offset by cost. My $29 shoes have out lasted a $12 pair by 4 months. But the $29 pair is getting too worn to keep but I have flea market replacements that were better than the $29 pair and cost $7 in nearly new condition. 

    A high quality pair of men's leather shoes can actually be an excellent fashion investment.



    A one time purchase of good shoes will outweigh a lot of bad buys..........

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