why is a family of 4 still living in 2 rooms after the tornado of june 1st?

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    Your question, in itself, prompts dozens of questions and cannot be answered properly without knowing the facts of the situation.....all of the facts.

    Check out one explanation to this problem>>>State statistics show the number of homeless families living in motels across Massachusetts has declined over the past two months, but it is still costing close to $2 million a month to provide them places to live.

    State and regional leaders in the efforts to address homelessness say a continuing need for more “affordable housing” to provide these families a new start remains at the root of the problem.

    And, they caution that the stagnant economy and expectations for state budget reductions threaten to force even more families onto the streets in the months ahead.>>>>

    Depends on the state they live in. PA. has built many low income housing complexes. There is a shortage of affordable housing. Maybe we have to ask Donald Trump why he is building multimillion golf courses rather than building affordable housing. He  can easily afford that. That will never happen though, , He likes to money and more money.

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