Is there a way to get an infraction reduced from failure to yield to a parking ticket via the internet? This happened in Wyandotte county, KS. Thanks

    On March 31, 2012 I was driving in Wyandotte County Ks and received an infraction from the HIghway Patrol for failure to yield. Is there an office that I can contact to get the infraction reduced? Is there a way to do this online? Thanks for your time.

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    Failure to yield is a moving violation, which will count as a point against you on your DMV record and result in higher insurance premiums.  I am incredulous to believe that someone told you a prosecutor could have those charges reduced to an "innocent" parking ticket.   I suggest you contact the court via the telephone number or website printed SOMEWHERE on that citation and find out what's going on.  I worked in a traffic court for several years and never heard of such a thing.  Good luck

    HA..I think if it were that easy the phone lines would be melting, someone gave you some bogus info..

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