A subsidy is defined as, “a sum of money granted, by the government, to assist an industry, so that the price of a commodity may remain low or competitive.”

    Why then does Obama suggest that the government stop “subsidizing” the oil industry?

    Do you believe he wants the price of all oil products, like gasoline and home heating oil, to increase? Particularly when he did subsidies several so called “Green Industry’s” with millions of dollars that went bankrupt because they were NOT competitive.

    Seems to me what Obama is calling “Subsidies” are actually deductions from their “Gross Income,” that ALL business are permitted under the tax Code, for the "Costs of doing business."

    Do you believe he is that uninformed, or do you believe as do I, that he trying to fool the voters, once again?


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    USA Big business history?

    Who's in control?

    Jack Large

    The Board of Directors, elected to serve at the will of the Stockholders, why do you ask?

    I'm intrigued by the USA's constant paranoia of everything outside the USA.
    Jack Large

    How is the Germaine to the question posed about Obama efforts to increase the cost of gasoline and heating oil in the USA????

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