Is there a way to get a failure to yield ticket in wyandotte county reduced to a parking ticket online?

    i received a ticket 3/31/12 failutre to yield called the court and they said I have to meet with a prosecutor to have the ticket reduced to a parking violation. Is there a way to accomplish this online? thanks

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    A failure to yield is a moving violation.  Someone has told you you can meet with the prosecutor and have it reduced to a parking ticket?  Prosecutors don't usually make appearances for simple infractions like your FTY.  HOWEVER,  IF you heard correctly, I would hurry on over there before someone changes his mind.  A parking ticket isn't going to raise your auto insurance rates. An infraction most certainly will.  
    Check on that, though.  That whole scenario sounds bogus, I worked in a traffic court for several years and that was never an option.  Good luck 

    Actually only the officer that issued the citation, can reduce the charge.

    The ADA MUST get the officers OK

    I it were me I would speak to the officer at the hearing.

    One nice thing about hearings is the officer must appear, if he does not appear to physical testify, you can request an judgment in YOUR favor from the judge.

    That is your Constitutional right to face your accuser   ;-)




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