Since when s being lazy a welfare issue? I do not think 30 years of unauthorized welfare is a serious issue.

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    This is called fraud!Report them!!!

    Perhaps welfare is what makes people lazy, authorized or not makes no difference..


    What is unauthorised welfare?
    Never heard of it.

    no reason, other than she does not want to get her butt off the couch, she now has a 30 yr old daughter who is also on welfare and has two children and they are all on welfare as well as her 22 yr old brother,

    unauthorized is when you can work but choose to have other people work to support you. Because you are too lazy to get off your butt to gt a job.

    Unauthorizes welfare would just be the equivalent of sponging off your relatives..

    it's handed out too easily,if it wasn't as available those that are able to work just may have to.

    What is unauthorised welfare?


    making fraudulent claims for a government benefit

    I dont know where you live, but to be on welfare there has to be a reason, like a medical condition or if they work and dont make enough money, theire income will be subsidezed. I dont believe they hand out money, just because people dont want to work.

    ed shank

    Ann, I personally know a woman who collects a welfare check because she has no marketable skills to get a job. Sounds nuts but she bragged to me how easy it was to get a check for $620/MO plus $48/WK in food stamps. Her rent is all paid for by the working slobs.

    Its not that easy to get welfare in my state.They also have free training for people witout skills so they can contribute to society, rather than mooch of it. I think it all depends on the state you live in. If people are able to work, then they schould be made to work. PA. is not doing its job to make sure there are no free rides.

    I doubt there is an issue unless a benefit is being claimed for support, therefore this is fraudulent and costing the government and via our taxes millions of dollars, why in the hell should the majority work their guts out to support those.that for no good reason just choose not to bother, be lazy as you like, but don't penalize the rest of society by claiming for a handout you neither deserve, nor qualify legally for. Get off your arse and find a job or else don't expect a free ride, which is a burden on the those of us that do, pensioners, disabled etc are deserving of support, they have either earned the right  or genuinely need it, lazy just doesn't cut it

    addit: I realise this is not you personally, but what she is doing is setting up a whole new cycle of poverty and unemployment for her family


    Thanks for the info.
    We tend to call it something else in Scotland.
    Unprintable, I like this site.

    I had to clean it up a bit too
    ed shank

    Such restraint, I'm proud of both of you.

    Sounds like my idle grandaughter. Sadly they exist in all societies, and even if they were to get jobs they would probably be sacked for poor attendance or incompetence. I don't know the answer.


    cut their benefit

    There is an unmarried lady at work. She has 6 kids and a boyfriend. They get Medicaid and food stamps! Also ,there is the nice deduction for federal taxes for each dependent  So they get several thousand dollars each year . refunded! Not really refunded because it was never earned!  So this is how US tax dollars are spent!  Some families have been on welfare for generations! How can you stop them? You can't! They have a kid every year and there's nothing to be done about it!  I find it disgusting!!!


    I've seen people who earned less than $3000 get over $5000 in "refunds" because they have children. People "sell" their kids to someone who needs the exemptions and get "paid" with part of the refunds. Disgusting.

    I think your question is just a rhetorical question;  but I'm not sure what point you're getting at .........

    If I don't just pretend that you are having a joke here, I will likely have my REAL thoughts reported for abuse.  
    People thought Bill had a problem......don't get me started on welfare fraud.  

    We have a name for them in Australia. BLUDGERS. Ever heard of it?


    Not just Aussie, in NZ they are WINZ claimants ( Work & Income NZ) I call them losers, but the loss is to tax payers.
    ed shank

    Parasites, maggots, s***bums.

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