sub total hysterectomy

    hi i had a subtotal hysterectomy  6 weeks ago. i came home with a bag so two days after my operation i had to return to have it removed which was painless. over the weeks i  have found that my bladder is painful when full and whilst doing a wee is painful from my tummy.. i have returned to the hospital  since and have had a urine test and awaiting for a scan. but for the past three days i have been bleeding (not a lot) with  stomach cramps and sore nipples ... it this all normal.????  .. is it normal that i still have two stitches left at the lower cut ??  

    i now have a date for my scan as my bladder is getting worse, i constantly feel allot of pressure and the pain i have when i finish weeing is out of this world... i get a wired feelin through my body.,and when i think i'm finished more wants to come out.

    At night i get up 2-3 x's , then i got every 5-10 minutes until i can't get enough sleep, so basically once i start weeing there is no doctor dear please find out what it is as it's driving me mmmmmmmmmmad.. 

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    Seems to me you would be better served asking your Surgeon.



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