My Puppy Jack is 3 months old, can anybody tell me why he eats his own poo? and will he grow out of this. He is 3/4 Pom and 1/4 Terrier.

    My Puppy Jack is 3/4 Pom and 1/4 Terrier. He is 3 months old and comes from a very good happy family. It is only one problem and that is he eats his own poo.When I catch him I scold him and say "bold Jack" if he does his pee on the newspapers I always praise him and say " very good boy Jack and give him a yum yum. Can anybody answer my question please.


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    Very well, in my opinion.

    Coprophagy is the eating of feces, own or others.  It may be somewhat instinctive, or from boredom, some say as to obtain what they are deficient in.  Some say that as a scavenger, a dog may do this for survival, but I am sure not the case here.  Your dog may do this as it is acting out from being left alone for long periods.  You need to clean it up, or have it drop in the crate away from the reach of your dog to prevent it.  There are feed-through products to help prevent it, as it will have an "unpleasant flavor", (as if it didn't already!).  Good luck, and do not let the dog kiss you anymore! 

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